Washable breast pads, 8 pcs in a bag


Washable breast pads provide excellent protection and comfort for a nursing mother. Easy-care and quick-drying chest pads are very practical and handy. An ecological and economical choice.

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Washable breast pads

Washable breast pads are thin and comfortable, but very absorbent. They offer the nursing mother dryness and security against milk leakage. Breast pads with very good durability can be used both during the day and at night.

Breast pads have three layers that ensure softness, comfort and dryness: 

  • the first layer is soft and very absorbent organic cotton. This layer touches the chest
  • the middle layer consists of fleece and organic cotton, which ensure water resistance and softness
  • the outer layer consists of polyester, which is waterproof, moisture-wicking and has a strong ability to retain liquid. 

The set consists of 8 breast pads and a waterproof bag. You can store and transport used breast pads in a waterproof bag. The pouch can also hold baby bamboo wipes. 

Machine washable at 40°C. Optimal absorption is achieved after 2-3 washes. 

The diameter of the breast pillow is 11 cm. The size of the bag is 15cm x 15cm

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