Medical support belt- pants for pregnant Nera Lux


The medical support belt Nera Lux is a two-in-one pregnancy support for both the lower abdomen and the lower back. With trousers, the support belt is for both underwear and bandage. Used from the beginning of pregnancy, as well as in the postpartum period.

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Medical support belt-pants Nera Lux

There is no doubt that the biggest changes visible to the eye during pregnancy are related to the growth of the abdomen. The eye can see the abdomen swelling larger, as well as tightening and stretching of the skin. Many also perceive drying out and itching of the skin. The skin becomes more sensitive, and signs of irritation, such as redness, occur faster. Apparently, at one point all pregnant women also perceive the heaviness of the abdomen, pain in the lower abdomen, pelvis and lower back. The movement becomes a little more arduous and the slowness of the change of positions. 

However, the same changes and even bigger ones occur hidden to one's eye, i.e. inside the stomach. A growing uterus makes room for itself in all directions. The internal organs are placed around, remaining in a slightly compressed state around the uterus. Major changes also occur in the abdominal muscles, which go into the stretch and make their "place" make way for a growing uterus. 

With pregnancy, hand-in-hand walks diastasis, i.e. a divergence of the straight muscle of the abdomen. The main cause of diastasis is intra-abdominal pressure on the muscles, causing the connection between the two muscle layers to stretch out. It is known that in the last trimester, diastasis occurs to a lesser or greater extent in all pregnant women. 

Diastasis can begin to recede after childbirth, when the pressure inside the abdomen disappears. Recovery is very different. Depends on the previous condition of the muscles, the size of the divergence, the speed of connective tissue and muscle recovery. Most diastasis needs support at retreat such as postpartum abdominal support, deep muscle training, breathing exercises

Medical support belt pants are a two-in-one solution for pregnancy support. Comfortable and slightly seated trousers are suitable for both wear during pregnancy and postpartum. The part of the support belt has a special strengthening of the abdomen, relieving pressure on the pelvis and lower back. The support belt is elastic, changing and adapting along with a changing body and a growing stomach. The material is soft, suitable for sensitive skin during pregnancy. Support belt pants are an excellent helper for the postpartum period, helping to support the abdominal area after childbirth and restore the tone of the abdominal muscles. 



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90% cotton, 10% polyamid

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