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Laveen natural immune system booster for babies and children, 30ml


Laveen's natural immune system booster is a powerful immune system boosting and strengthening blend of organic plants. Strengthens the body's natural resistance to repelling viruses and coping with them.

The product is suitable for babies from 6 months of age and for children and adults of all ages

100% natural product in a glass bottle with a dropper reader

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Natural immune system booster

Most of the year is a favorable time for the spread of upper respiratory viruses in our climate. The number of cases will skyrocket in the autumn with the start of schools and kindergartens. The environment there is very favorable: a lot of children together, joint close activities, often children share their cup or spoon, and certainly from time to time a slightly sick child also gets into the same company. Upper respiratory tract viruses are droplet infections, which is why only one child carrying the virus and a child with a susceptible immune system are enough for the virus to spread. A child who has received the virus from the collective brings the virus home, where there is often a smaller sibling.

In most cases, upper respiratory viruses have a slight course, pass by themselves and require relief from symptoms (cough, runny nose, fever). However, they can cause otitis media, bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, etc. as complications. The treatment of these diseases is already much longer, involves antibiotic treatment, and it also takes more time for the child to recover.

The peak of viruses ends with the arrival of summer, where children's collectives go on summer holidays, and our weather becomes less prone to viruses.

In order for the child's immune system to be strong and his or her resistance sufficient:

  • offer your child a varied and healthy diet - do not forget about colorful vegetables, fruits and berries
  • extremely important for immunity are vitamins C, A, D and zinc
  • if possible, go outdoors with your child every day, even one hour in the fresh air will have a great effect on mental and physical health. 
  • make sure that the child's night's sleep is long enough to rest outside. In a tired organism, immunity also begins to fall instantly

Under 7 years old

10 drops per day

Over 7 years old

20 drops a day

Shake well before use. Keep cool after opening. 

Laveen' s natural immune-boosting drops are specially designed for babies and toddlers, as they are at higher risk for upper respiratory viruses due to a weaker immune system and being in a large collective. The resistance-strengthening drops are a mixture of natural plant extracts such as hedgehog hat, rosehip, blackcurrants, rosemary, and they are enriched with vitamin C and zinc. Their combination is effective in strengthening resistance, helping the body to fight the virus and, if necessary, fight it.

Drops in liquid form are convenient for administration to both babies (from 6 months of age) and young children. If desired, they can also be used by 🙂 other family members The drops can be administered either pure or in combination with juice, water, yogurt or any other food /drink. 

The drops are soy, gluten, lactose and nut free. No sugars added.

100% natural certified vegan product.

Content per 10 drops



Red hedgehog hat



Rosemary extract



Blackcurrant extract



Buffered vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)



Rosehip extract







vegetable glycerin, red hedgehog hat extract, rosemary extract, blackcurrant extract, buffered vitamin C, rosehip extract, zinc

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