Kikkaboo hands-free breast pump


The Kikkaboo hands-free breast pump is a new level of convenience. The easy-to-install breast pump does its job and you can continue with all your usual activities.

Kikkaboo hands-free breast pump

The innovative wireless hands-free breast pump is easily attached to the breast. An effective and practical breast pump allows you to pump breast milk anywhere and at any time and at the same time continue with your usual activities.

The breast pump has 3 modes that simulate feeding a baby at the breast. 9 pumping strengths allow you to choose the most suitable for you and adapt according to the milk flow from the breast. The memory function and timer allow you to monitor and record pumping sessions. The touch screen makes using the breast pump convenient and handy. Light and easy to clean. The breast pump works quietly, which allows pumping even at night and in a quiet environment. Milk capacity 150ml.

The large lithium battery (1100 mAh) allows a working time of about 120 minutes. Charging time is also about 120 minutes.

Soft silicone spacers 19mm (19-21mm) and 22mm (22-24mm).

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